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Welcome to Victims Against Scams

Are you depending on the owners of a program too much? Do you think the program is legit, but unsure? Take our Legitimacy Test and find out! Then view a Flash Presentation we prepared that arms you with the information to protect yourself from scams and perpetuators of them. We can't guarantee the legitimacy of any program, but the formula seems to be fairly accurate based on past experience and the majority of laws we've been able to look into. Try to remember - we aren't attorneys, and the laws change all the time.

DIRECTIONS: All question answers are a simple "YES" or "NO". For each question, a point value is assigned to "YES" and to "NO". When answering a question, write down the corresponding point value. After answering all 24 questions, total your point value and click the "Results" link at the bottom of the test to see your results.
1. Is there a phone number on the site?
YES - 0 NO - 3
2. If "YES", have you checked to see if it's valid?
YES - 0   NO - 2
3. Is there an address on the site?
YES - 0 NO - 3
4. If "YES", have you checked to see if it's valid?
YES - 0 NO - 2
5. Is the address a P. M. B. (P. O. Box)?
YES - 2   NO - 0
6. Has the program failed to launch at least once?
YES - 3 NO - 0
7. Have you checked on the backgrounds of the owners of the company?
YES - 0 NO - 2
8. Does the company have a cancellation policy that exceeds 14 days?
YES - 0 NO - 3
9. Does the company charge you for a startup for a package that doesn't seem to justify the cost of it? I. E. It costs more than it costs them to make?
YES - 4 NO - 0
10. Does the company say you can get gifts back if you give a gift to someone else?
YES - 7 NO - 0
11. Does the company state you will make large amounts of money without work?
YES - 4 NO - 0
12. Do you get paid for referring people even though you aren't selling anything to them?
YES - 7 NO - 0
13. Are they sharing a profit with you?
YES - 2 NO - 0
14. If "YES", are they registered with the SEC?
YES - 0   NO - 5
15. Do they allow you to pay by credit card?
YES - 0 NO - 2
16. Are they located in a different country?
YES - 3 NO - 0
17. Are they charging you to purchase products on a monthly basis and stating you will be paid for those purchases if you enroll others; but you don't sell the actual product to others?
YES - 5 NO - 0
18. Are they selling you something that teaches you to do the same to others?
YES - 4 NO - 0
19. Do you have a whole garage full of their products?
YES - 6 NO - 0
20. Are they claiming to make an investment for you on your behalf?
YES - 2 NO - 0
21. If "YES", are they registered as a broker with the SEC?
YES - 0 NO - 7
22. Does their site tell you they aren't a scam?
YES - 2 NO - 0
23. Is the program an HYIP (High Yield Program Program)?
YES - 45 NO - 0
24. Are they telling you they can stop you - or prevent you - from paying taxes?
YES - 9 NO - 0

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