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Welcome to Victims Against Scams

This site is dedicated to my friend and partner Angel 98, without her this would never have been possible.

We've had just about every type of scam cross our email during the many years we've been on the Internet. Programs that claim you'll make money, and end up giving you nothing. Scams: from HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) to chain letters, and more.

You know, the ones that profess you'll make a million dollars if you join their programs? Yeah, Ok! We have a bridge for sale, for those who believe in half the hype that comes through their email.

Tell me something, don't you think it's about time you fought back by getting an education concerning the facts? We did! Quite frankly, we became tired of all the hype and lies that companies were telling.

So we decided to gather as much information as we could on the subject. Once we started on our path, we realized just how vast the amount of information available to us was. What an education we received!

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